A Time to Every Purpose

By: Ian Andrew
Narrated by: Sarah Kempton 
Length: 12 hrs and 59 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Alternate History

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London 2020: The Greater German Reich has dominated the globe for nearly a century. Now, one woman aims to break the regime and reset the world.

An accidental discovery allows real-time monitoring of historical events, but the regime is wary of its potential effects and bans its use for anything other than Reichsführer-approved criminal investigations.

But the young scientist who discovered it, Leigh Wilson, has her own secrets and is determined to use what she has found for the greater good. The only problem is she will have to trust someone she has only just met. Someone who claims to know her family. Someone who wears the death’s head insignia of the SS.

In the aftermath of the cold-blooded murder of a senior Nazi official, Leigh is forced to make a choice. Will she destroy what she loves to save what she can only imagine?

A Time to Every Purpose is a thrilling mix of science, adventure, philosophy, human frailty, and action. The ultimate good versus evil and the eternal question all humans face: Is this my time to act?

Narrator – Sarah Kempton

Sarah is a voiceover artist, actor and comedian. She has 15 years of experience as a professional actor playing leading roles in theatres across the UK and Europe. A founding member of improvised comedy group ‘CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation’ and trained in improv at UCB Theater New York and Free Association London, she is also an accomplished voiceover, specialising in gaming and audiobooks. She has completed over 30 audiobooks to date.




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What readers and listeners say about Face Value

***** “A thriller with heart… Gifted storytelling combines with meticulous scientific and historical research to produce a memorable and profoundly moving story…” (Elaine Fry, The West Australian)

***** “A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew deals with huge concepts, looking at the broad sweep of history… a well-executed alternate history novel with some great action scenes.” (John Wyatt, NewsUK) 

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